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Statement on the one month anniversary of the hunger strike of Palestinian prisoners

Our Story: The Denis Hurley Peace Institute of South Africa

Pax Christi International delegation meets EU High Representative's office to raise the voice of Palestinians

Negotiations to ban nuclear weapons make a good start, despite opposition of nuclear-armed states

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In 2017, help us raise awareness around nonviolence as a force that is changing our world #ThisIsNonviolence


Sri Lanka: Participants from all over the country as well as Internationals gathered for two important meetings in Mannar, hosted by our member organisation

Our member organization Human Rights and Media Resource Centre hosted a meeting to prepare for the universal periodic review and a human rights work shop...

Time to get past the impasse: North Korea, the U.S. and nuclear abolition

This morning, a friend sent me a political cartoon showing North Korea's Kim Chong Un and US President Donald Trump climbing into a wrestling ring, each wearing costumes that read “The Madman”. That caricature of the conflict between the two nations aptly captures a major flaw in how most Westerners view North Korea, as a rogue nation led by a family whose sanity is doubtful...

Delegation from Pax Christi International visits the EU Directorate-General for International Cooperation and Development

Today, a delegation from Pax Christi International consisting of Mrs. Martha Ines Romero (Regional Coordinator for Latin America) and Alice Kooij Martinez (Senior Advocacy Officer) visited the EU Directorate-General Cooperation and Development...

Pax Christi International meets EU High Representative's office to raise the voice of Palestinians

On 21 April, a delegation of Pax Christi International consisting of Ms. Marie Dennis (Co-President), Mrs. Rania Giacaman Murra (from our member organisation in Bethlehem and an International Board member), and Ms. Alice Kooij Martinez (Senior Advocacy Officer) had a meeting with the EU External Action Service (EEAS), the office of EU High Representative Federica Mogherini, to raise the voices of...

Uganda: Pax Christi in Uganda participates in mediation training for conflict management

Fr. Peter Mubunga Basaliza, secretary of Pax Christi in Uganda, has been actively exploring how to practice nonviolence and peace within his region of Kasese...

Austria: Pax Christi Austria celebrates Blessed Franz Jaegerstaetter in May

In 2017 Pax Christi Austria will celebrate the 10th anniversary of the beatification of Franz Jaegerstaetter on October 26th. Since his birth and baptism, 20 and 21 May, it is 110 years...