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Pax Christi International holds side-event at UN discussing the latest draft of the nuclear weapons ban treaty

In 2017, help us raise awareness around nonviolence as a force that is changing our world #ThisIsNonviolence

Enough! Time to end the 50 year Israeli occupation of the Palestinian Territories

Urgent call for action in the Philippines

Pax Christi International delegation meets EU High Representative's office to raise the voice of Palestinians

Four things you can do right now to help us expand our reach on social media!


USA: Spirituality of nonviolence workshop resource for high school students

Sr. Patricia Chappell, SNDdeN, Pax Christi USA Executive Director, and Sr. Anne-Louise Nadeau, SNDdeN, Pax Christi USA Program Director, created and recently led a Spirituality of Nonviolence workshop for high school students...

Philippines: Multi-sectoral group releases statement on rebuilding Marawi

Below is the statement of a multi-sectoral group convened by the Bishops-Ulama Conference re the Marawi situation in the Philippines...

Austria: Programme for the International Jagerstatter Commemoration in Austria, August 9

The following is from Pax Christi Austria and outlines the events around the International Jagerstatter Commemoration 2017 on August 9th...

UN: A vote to ban nuclear weapons is a vote for Earth's future

For the first time in history, a treaty to ban nuclear weapons is on the negotiating table at the United Nations. A solid majority of governments is set to close a gaping hole in international law...

UK: Pax Christi UK co-hosts conference on "Reclaiming Gospel Nonviolence" this weekend

The programme "Reclaiming Gospel Nonviolence" will take place on July 14-16 in Perth, Scotland...

Italy: Father Renato Sacco and Father Fabio Corazzina wrote a letter about Mosul

MOSUL, our city. Mosul is the ancient Nineveh. The city where prophet Jonah went all over (proclaiming), “Forty more days and the city will be overthrown”...